Andreas, Joel. Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism 2003, AK Press, USA

Addicted to War Book Review

I am addicted to reading, but rarely do I read comics. I’m glad I read this comic book with a difference it says a lot more and says it better than many weighty tomes I wade through. Andreas is focussed on the real problem- addiction to militarism. This dogma not only occupies the minds of general and presidents in the USA, but it grips nearly all politicians everywhere and the minds of most people. We rarely question the idea that there are alternatives to war – other ways to settle conflicts – and most important to change the conditions that militarism and war flourish in. This comic stimulates us to see the absurdity and waste of war and forces us to confront the need to create a non-military politics.

From the cost of war in taxes and services to communities to the greed of corporations, from the war on terrorism to the complicity of the media, it is all here in simple words with great graphics. This comic book should be in every school and makes a great kid gift.

Andreas does not stop with the telling, he gets right into action and resistance. He lists many references and organizations to plug into and there is no time to waste. On the last page he says: Think about it. Do something about it. Kick out the War Junkies! It is up to us.

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