Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. SIXTY ONE PORTRATS TO THE RYTHM OF HATIKIVA: Some of the Israeli Massacres in Palestine.

Illustrated by Marwa Al-Najjar. Introduction by Razan Zuayter. 2009. Published by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. Amman, Jordan.

Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

Published in commemoration of the sixty one years since the Nakba, the catastrophe which was the violent expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from their homeland, this book gives stark outlines of some of the massacres in cities and villages all over Palestine, from 1948 right up to the massive killings during 2009 in Gaza. These are incomplete notes, intended as reminders and as a call for understanding and action on the historic injustices inflicted on Palestinians. The terse writing is enhanced by the beautiful and expressive art by Al–Najjar. Her graceful and powerful work gives the stories a powerful emotional impact.

Another jolt to the reader is the significance of the title – Hatikiva is the Israeli national anthem. These massacres were and are committed against innocent victims in a relentless planned rhythm in the cause of nationalism of one group of people who Jonathan Cook in Blood and Religion (Pluto Press, 2006) describes as being willing to unite as they fight for “…their pure state. Their Jewish fortress.”

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