Hawthorne, Susan. Wild Politics. Spinifex Press. North Melbourne, Australia.

In her opening statement Hawthorne lays out our problem and our solution: Disconnection is critical for a system based on profit. By contrast, biodiversity relies on connection and relationship. If DISPOSABLE PEOPLE is depressing, WILD POLITICS provides an inspiring antidote to its message by giving a feminist critique of our present world, an explanation of the structures that enable exploitation and an amazing range of actions by women, peasants, farmers, workers everywhere who defy the globalization paradigm and connect to our common humanity and natural commons. She illustrates with copious examples how we must see land as a relationship, as do indigenous people, not as a commodity if we want to create a better world for all, including the world itself. This is the book I wish I had written myself.   We can not continue to reap a harvest we did not plant.

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