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Milosz, Czeslaw, editor. A book of Luminous Things: An International Anthology of Poetry. 1997. Harcourt Brace & Company. USA & UK.

This is a wonderful collection of poetry that will never date from many lands and many centuries. I usually find anthologies disappointing, but I found this volume of 300 poems chosen by the Nobel Prize winner, Czeslaw Milosz, to be … Continue reading

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MILES, Steven H. OATH BETRAYED: America´s Torture Doctors. 2009. U. Of California Press, USA.

“Many people are only dimly aware of the United States´ disastrous complicity with torturing regimes in El Salvador, Batista´s Cuba, Chile, Iran, South Vietnam, Guatemala, Argentina, Saddam Hussein´s Iraq, of Shah Reza Pahlavi´s Iran. Some people are so deeply estranged … Continue reading

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Mies, Maria & Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen. The Subsistence Perspective: Beyond the Globalized Economy. ZED BOOKS, London, UK & New York, USA.

(Original German edition: Eine Kuh für Hillary: Die Subsistenzperspektive. München: Frauenoffensive, 1997.) “The third phase of global restructuring began with the recession around 1990. It is characterized by an unprecedented penetration of all regions of the globe and all areas … Continue reading

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Mexican Solidarity Network. Femicides of Cuidad Juarez & Chichuahua. 2004. Mexican Solidarity Network.

This book is a devastating report on the deaths and disappearances of women, mainly of indigenous Mexican origin, who die and disappear from towns on the Mexican-USA border. These towns are full of designated tax-free zones where global factories, called … Continue reading

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Mernissi, Fatema. Scheherazade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems. 2001. Washington Square Press, USA.

Mernissi bases this book on a modern interpretation and evaluation of the famous fables spun by a woman to ensure her survival; stories considered so subversive because of her success in not only surviving, but empowering her to change the … Continue reading

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Mernissi, Fatema. DREAMS OF TRESPASS: TALES OF A HAREM CHILDHOOD. 1994. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. USA, UK, Canada.

This is a memoir about life of women in Morocco living under the social and physical constraints of the harem. There are many happy moments as women live with joy and companionship within this framework. Mernissi is a wonderful writer … Continue reading

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Melvern, Linda. A People Betrayed: The role of the West in Rwanda´s genocide. Zed Books, UK.

I recently read a comprehensive history of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and I was drawn to read a history of the Rwandan genocide by the experience of the current UN—sponsored occupation of Haiti. There are important lessons and parallels … Continue reading

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Mehta, Vijay. The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World. 2012. Pluto Press, UK.

“…the military–industrial model can be replaced by adopting equitable policies for Disarmament, Demilitarization and working for sustainable development thus ending the cycle of violence and poverty.” Mehta exposes the spiralling cycle of militarism that underlies the economic crisis that rocked … Continue reading

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McQuaig, Linda & Neil Brooks. THE TROUBLE WITH BILLIONAIRES. 2010. Viking, Canada.

“Today many influential progressives insist that poverty, not inequality, should be the focus and that how well the rich are faring is irrelevant.” McQuaig, Canada´s leading political journalist, always witty and perceptive, and her co–author, an academic and tax expert, … Continue reading

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McQuaig, Linda. HOLDING THE BULLY´S COAT: Canada and the U.S. Empire. 2007. Doubleday Canada, Toronto.

“… we are a player of some significance on the global stage, due to our reputation – partly deserved and partly undeserved – as a fair arbiter and promoter of just causes, as a decent sort of country. By lining … Continue reading

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McNally, David. ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE: Globalisation and Anti-Capitalism. 2002. Arbeiter Ring Publishing. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

He may be a respectable academic at York University, but what impressed me most was that this book was born in fumes of tear gas at the FTAA meeting in Quebec in April, 2002. It was there that the author, … Continue reading

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McKay, Paul. Atomic Accomplice: How Canada deals in deadly deceit. 2009. Canada.

“ ´Follow the money´ is an axiom at the heart of investigative journalism…This book follows the atoms. Or more precisely, it audits the trail of Canadian fissile elements, sensitive materials, reactor sales and laboratory secrets which have abetted the global … Continue reading

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