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Johnson, Chalmers. NEMESIS: The Last Days of the American Empire. 2006. Metropolitan Books. USA.

NEMESIS: In Greek mythology,/ the goddess of retribution,/ who punishes human/ transgression of the natural,/ right order of things and/ the arrogance that causes it. So begins this detailed account and analysis of USA foreign and military policy which the … Continue reading

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Isitt, Benjamin. FROM VICTORIA TO VLADIVOSTOK: Canada´s Siberian Expedition 1917-19. UBC Press. 2010. Vancouver, BC.

“Canada lost in Siberia, its first foray as a world power, and then quietly ignored this history.” On December 21, 2010, peace activists gathered outside the armed forces recruitment centre on Fort Street, Victoria. Just a few feet away, at … Continue reading

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Hooks, Margaret. Tina Modotti: Photographer and Revolutionary. 1993. Pandora, HarperCollins Publications, London UK.

Tina Modotti came from a poor family in Italy to the USA: her beauty and strong character lead her into a modelling and acting career. She became a model, mistress and assistant of USA photographer, Edward Weston. Together they went … Continue reading

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Honoré, Carl. In Praise of Slow: How a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed. Vintage Canada. 2004.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed” Gandhi, quoted in this book It started with the slow food movement which has spread from Italy to many countries. So Honoré starts his journey of slowing down with a report … Continue reading

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Hodges, Tony. WESTERN SAHARA: The Roots of a Desert War. Lawrence Hill & Co. USA.

Described by a Canadian expert on the issue as the canonical work on this little known part of African history and geography; Hodges, a UK scholar and journalist, provides readers with a coherent and comprehensive record of the Western Sahara. … Continue reading

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Hines, Colin. Localization: A Global Manifesto. Earthscan Publications, London, UK, 2000.

This British writer-activist has excellent ideas on how to create a necessary alternative to industrial, monoculture globalization. How to create cultural diversity and preserve biodiversity while localizing economies with human priorities.

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Hildebrandt, Zeporah. MARINA SILVA: Defending Rainforest Communities in Brazil. 2001. The Feminist Press, New York, USA.

“To see families that lived in the forest in dignity; in the favelas, in terrible poverty— that was a great motivation to become involved in political work, in social movements.” One of my memorable moments at The World Social Forum … Continue reading

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Heath, Joseph and Andrew Potter. The Rebel Sell: Why the culture can’t be jammed. 2004. HarperCollins, Toronto, ON.

I have long had my doubts about the idea of “culture jamming” as promoted by some magazines and recent acclaimed books. It often seems like shallow theatre to me. Thinking it may be an age related ideological problem of my … Continue reading

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Hawthorne, Susan. Wild Politics. Spinifex Press. North Melbourne, Australia.

In her opening statement Hawthorne lays out our problem and our solution: Disconnection is critical for a system based on profit. By contrast, biodiversity relies on connection and relationship. If DISPOSABLE PEOPLE is depressing, WILD POLITICS provides an inspiring antidote … Continue reading

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Hawthorne, Susan. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. 2005. Spinifex Press. Melbourne, Australia.

From the physical sciences comes the theory that all life is interconnected, that even the gentle movement of a butterfly’s wing can connect to vast and distant changes and consequences. The pages of this book are like those frail wings; … Continue reading

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Hawthorne, Susan & Bronwyn Winter eds. After Shock: September 11, 2001 / Global Feminist Perspectives. 2003. Raincoast Books, Vancouver, BC.

“There are a hundred ways to be a good citizen, and one of them is to look, finally, at things we don’t want to see.” Barbara Kingsolver in After Shock This volume was originally published as SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: Feminist … Continue reading

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Handal, Nathalie, editor. THE POETRY OF ARAB WOMEN: A contemporary anthology. 2001. Interlink Books USA.

This extensive collection contains works from more than 80 Arab women poets around the world. The editor writes that poetry is historically revered in Arab culture and is the genre of choice of women writers – many known writers date … Continue reading

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