Pogue, Carolyn. A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities Program Ideas for Leaders of Children. 2005. Danka Gocova, illustrator. United Church Publishing House, Toronto.

A New Day by Carolyn Pogue: Book review by Theresa Wolfwood.

Carolyn takes her peace message to the army and its admirers on Canada Day in Calgary, 2005. Photo © Theresa Wolfwood.

Carolyn Pogue has combined her original stories, based on children’s experiences in many parts of the world, with practical and clear guidelines for hand-on creativity for peace; making paper, peace flags, solar cookers and water games. Adults will find the activity instruction clear and useful; children I know will enjoy the projects. Pogue provides study and question guides for the stories and ideas. Based in Christianity, the book has much universal wisdom and knowledge of other faiths. And I liked the biographies of real people who have changed the world dispersed through the book and Danka’s vivid and appealing illustrations add to the books charm. Not just for ‘leaders´but anyone who lives and plays with children. Carolyn has written other useful and informing books and is a much sought after workshop facilitator and teacher.

From www.carolynpogue.ca:

“Carolyn´s passion is building a better world of peace and justice for all. Story telling, humour and artistic flair go into the mix in her workshops and writing. Whether she is working with children, teens, seniors or ages in between. Carolyn´s commitment to changing the world for the next generations is at the heart of her work.”

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