Satrapi, Marjane. The Complete Persepolis. Pantheon & Random House, Toronto..

The Complete Persepolis: Book Review by Theresa Wolfwood

This book is part of a new trend to create books that are in comic book form to express cultural and political ideas. See other reviews on including Addicted to war: why the U.S. can´t kick militarism and There You Go!

This is a engaging and rare story of a girl and then a young woman growing up in a loving, liberal family in Iran during the time of massive political and social upheaval. With her willingness to question whatever status quo exists at the time, she has a stormy and difficult coming of age. She cannot express herself artistically or personally and at the end of the story she leaves Iran ´for good´ and her weeping mother tells her that, ´the Iran of today is not for you, I forbid you to come back.´ I was gripped by this lovable character right up to the end — and it is a thick book. The unique and honest voice of Satrapi and her expressive carton art form are irresistible.

The writer now lives in Paris, writes and makes films, not knowing when change will come. This tiny prism into her society shows just how hard it is make good changes, bad change always seems easier.

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