ENGLER, YVES. A Propaganda System: How Canada’s government, corporations, media and academia Sell war and exploitation.2016. Red Publishing and Fernwood Publishing. Canada

Review by Theresa Wolfwood


‘ “why do nine in ten Canadians think this country is a forc for good in the world even though our governments have long advanced corporate interests and sided with the British and US empires?” This book is an attempt to answer this and other related questions.’


AENGLER. a ppropaganda system

Yves Engler continues in this latest book to analyze and expose to Canadians the fallacy of our belief that Canada is ‘nice guy’ and a peace loving democracy.  Instead as he shows we perpetrate and nourish a culture of war.  This state of real politic in Canada is part of the fabric not only of government but also our corporate media and institutions of higher learning.

As are his previous books, this is well-documented and written in clear, straight forward language as Engler describes how government after government has funded military research at universities as well as arms fairs; how we fund aid agencies that support mining companies that exploit societies and the environment brad. More than that, our governments pump out [propaganda which is spread by the supportive corporate media and think tanks with a right-wing corporate bias.

However Engler states that citizen activism can cause change and expose collusion as in the case of activists who focussed on Canada’s policy of destroying democracy in Haiti.  He shows that our propaganda system although well-resourced can be challenged; “…this Goliath can be weakened by a small band of dedicated David activists armed with sling shots that spread the truth.”





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