Reccomended Films 2018

Films/videos recommended by BBCF: Not a comprehensive list, these films have inspired & informed


2014 Feb-march ws 2 263Two films about Western Sahara giving the historic background and the present situation of refugees and occupation.   El  Problema   mad

Life Is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara:

And soon to be released,  SIROCCO: Winds of Resistance. The life of Sahrawi refugees though the eyes of two woman and their grandmothers – with a Canadian connection. Will be screened in Victoria in Sept., 2018

A [powerful feature film based on current history in the Congo:

ASIA     Stealing a Nation     John Pilger’s film about one of the least known injustices in the world; the stealing of the Chagos Islands by UK to give to USA for a military base. The Coming War on China.  Another of Pilger’s many excellent films.  Hooligan Sparrow directed by Nanfu Wang. The life of an activist sex worker in China.


Victoria activists give  tribute to Oscar Romero, assassinated Archbishop of El Salvador/    The Prophetic Legacy of Oscar Romero

Flin Flon  Flim Flam     A film showing the activities of Canada’s HUDBAY mining company in Peru, Guatemala, USA and Canada

The consequences of gold mining in Latin America

PALESTINE  Hug a Terrorist   what happens when two girls go out on a street in Toronto    What is happening in Gaza in 2018    Danger of peaceful expression in Gaza    the only woman fisher in Gaza   The Promise is a 4 part TV feature film about the UK occupation of Palestine after WW 2 and leading up to modern times.   remembering the Nakba

CANADA  Setsuko Thurlow accepts the Nobel Peace Prize 2017setsuko Nobel prize 2017   Disturbing the Peace. Why the Sire-C dam is a terrible mistake    1st Nations lead the protection of our land and water against Kinder-Morgan pipe line    A fine film about northern BC  and lives of 1st nations who live there.     a Japanese- Canadian story, lovingly made by a grand daughter

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