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White, Ben. Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner´s Guide. 2009. Pluto Press, UK.

“[Ariel] Sharon flying over the occupied territories once remarked, “Arabs should see Jewish lights every night from 500 metres.”” Quote at beginning of chapter on settlements. “Like all occupation, Israel´s was founded on brutal force, repression and fear, collaboration and … Continue reading

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White, Evelyn C. Alice Walker. W. W. Norton & Company Ltd. USA. 2004.

Despite the Hunger Despite the hunger we cannot possess more than this: Peace in a garden of our own. Alice Walker (2003) This is more than a biography of a famous – still living and active – USA writer, poet … Continue reading

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Wiles, Rich. Behind the Wall: Love, life and struggle in Palestine. 2010. Potomac Books. Virginia, USA.

“…it is a vehicle through which Palestinians themselves tell their own stories. While many people have an opinion about the Middle East, very few have actually listened to the people who have themselves suffered and struggled for more than 60 … Continue reading

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Williams, Terry Tempest. REFUGE: An Unnatural History of Family & Place. 2002. Vintage Books.

In this beautifully written memoir of a naturalist and her love of place about the Great Salt Lake of Utah and the nearby sanctuary, the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, both essential parts of her professional life, the author describes … Continue reading

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Wilson, Duff. Fateful Harvest: True Story of a Small Town, a Global Industry and a Toxic Secret. Perennial/ HarperCollins Publishers. 2002. New York, USA.

  “The Soil is ours to make or mar, and we should aim to leave it when the time comes for us to pass it on, in as good or better condition than when it first came under our hand.” … Continue reading

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Wolfwood, Theresa J. LOVE AND RESISTANCE 2014.  Smallberry Press, London. UK ISBN: 978-0993031502

4 reviews 1. Review by Alan Twiggs Theresa J. Wolfwood of Hornby Island and Victoria is the director of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, a non-profit society founded in 1996 to encourage programs that promote social justice, peace, sustainability, diversity and … Continue reading

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Wong, David H. T. Escape to Gold Mountain. 2012. Arsenal Pulp Press. Vancouver. BC ISBN 978-1-55152-476-4

  Review and author photo by Theresa Wolfwood Classified as Juvenile Non-Fiction, this graphic novel is a recommended read for Canadians of all ages. Wong chose the graphic technique not only because he has always loved drawing cartoons, but also … Continue reading

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Yeomans, Matthew. Oil: Anatomy of an Industry. 2004. The New Press. New York, USA & london, UK.

Don’t be deceived by the light and breezy style of this USA journalist – this is a serious and useful work. Single substance topics have become very popular with writers; everything from salt to saffron gets a book of its … Continue reading

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Yves Engler. THE UGLY CANADIAN: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy. 2012. RED Publishing & Fernwood Publishing. Canada ISBN978-1-55266-530-5

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “We should be clear that foreign military inventions kill and that the Conservatives’ climate change policy is devastating many of the world’s most vulnerable.” Engler is rapidly becoming one of Canada’s major political researchers & analysts. … Continue reading

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Zelter, Angie, editor. Faslane 365: a year of anti—nuclear blockades. 2008. Luath Press Limited, Scotland.

“We´re here at the gates of hell/ in the hills of Scotland…singing hope into life.” This amazing book is a political treatise, personal journals, lively commentary, an invaluable history and a guidebook to sustained activism, all in one volume. This … Continue reading

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