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Barghouti, Mourid. MIDNIGHT AND OTHER POEMS. 2008. Arc Publications. UK

“We have to be precise. Creative writing is a critical process” Except for his memoir, most of this poet´s works are not published in English. This is a first – a gift to English–only readers – a major collection of … Continue reading

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Barghouti, Omar. BDS: BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights. 2011. Haymarket Books, USA

“The BDS campaign is among the most important forms of such ´resolute struggle´ by the great majority of Palestinians, who resist the colonization of their land and minds and demand nothing less than self–determination, freedom, justice and unmitigated equality…” Barghouti … Continue reading

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Barlow, Maude and Tony Clarke. BLUE GOLD: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water 2002. The New Press. USA

“Although world water supplies are dwindling and transnational corporations are working hard to reap substantial profits from that scarce resource, it is not too late to turn the situation around” This quote sums up the authors’ overview of the diminishing … Continue reading

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Baroud, Ramzy. THE SECOND PALESTINIAN INTIFADA: a Chronicle of a People´s Struggle. 2006. Pluto Press, London, UK.

This book fulfills its title´s promise; it is an informative, engrossing, readable and moving history; a chronicle in the best sense of a period and place for which we have had little news or analysis that is not filtered by … Continue reading

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Barta, Armando, editor. Profound Rivers of Mesoamerica: Alternatives to Plan Puebla Panama. 3rd Edition. Mexican Solidarity Network.

This is a collection of essays, research and reports on ‘development’ as it affects the people who have to live with it and who had little to say about it. Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) is intended to be privatized, globalized … Continue reading

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Bechara, Soha. Resistance: My Life for Lebanon 2003. Soft Skull Press. USA.

I found this book in a small radical bookshop in Saskatoon this summer, just as the invasion of Lebanon ended with a ceasefire after incredible death and damage had been wreaked in a few days. I know little about this … Continue reading

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Behrangi, Samad. THE LITTLE BLACK FISH. Iranbooks USA.

When the Afghan MP, Malalai Joya, quoted from this book during her talk in Victoria, I looked for it and found it the youth section of the library. On one level it is a simple & vivid story of a … Continue reading

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Bennholdt-Thomson, Veronika, Nicholas Faraclas and Claudia Von Werlhof, eds. There is an Alternative: Subsistence and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization. Zed Books Ltd. London, UK. 2001.

Every once in awhile, involvement in the struggle becomes overwhelming, and an activist needs to recharge, and to remember what drew them into the movement at the start. One way to do this is to read a book that combines … Continue reading

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Bennis, Phyllis. Challenging Empire: How People, Governments and the UN defy US power. 2006. Olive Branch Press, USA

However flawed the UN of the 21st century may still be, it remains a crucial part of any potentially successful effort to mount a serious challenge to US empire. PB Although this is mainly a book about USA foreign policy … Continue reading

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Berkson, Sam & Mohamed Sulaiman. Settled Wanderers. 2015. Influx Press. London UK ISBN: 978-0-9927655-4-5

Review and photo of Mohamed  Sulaiman by Theresa Wolfwood Subtitled ‘The poetry of Western Sahara’, this remarkable book is far more than a collection of poetry, little-known in the English-speaking world. It is a concise history and geography of the … Continue reading

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Bertell, Rosalie. Planet Earth: The latest weapon of war Black Rose Books, Canada, 2001. The Women’s Press, London, UK, 2000.

“…in spite of fears of abuse, Earth is still an amazing and beautiful creation…It deserves our best efforts. Enjoy it, love it and save it!” RB Rosalie Bertell believes, as have many ecologists before her, that the current focus on … Continue reading

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Bjornerud, Marcia. READING THE ROCKS: The Autobiography of the Earth. 2005. Westview Press, USA.

“It [the story of the earth] is larger than all of us, shaped by rules that antedate and superseded every economic, legal and religious doctrine humans have ever created.” It is not often that a scientist writes a book about … Continue reading

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