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Butler, C.T. & Keith McHenry. FOOD, NOT BOMBS. See Sharp Press,Arizona. USA

By Theresa Wolfwood   “This slogan requires no complicated analysis. The three words “say it all.” They point unerringly to the double challenge: to feed immediately people who are without adequate food, and to replace a system whose priorities are … Continue reading

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Carter, Laurel Anne. The Shepherd’s Granddaughter. Groundwood Books. 2008. Toronto ON.

“…My name, Amani, means wishes/ but I have only one. /My blood is mixed with/ the soil of our land/ and I will never leave.” Written for students in Grades 7–8 this is the story of a girl who wants … Continue reading

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Chambers, Carole. She Draws the Rain. 2013. Thistledown Press. Saskatoon, SK, Canada ISBN 978-1-927068-42-7

Review by Theresa Wolfwood   Chamber’s latest of five volumes of poems expresses her enduring passion for the people and land she loves so deeply. “She Draws the Rain” is her finest collection yet with poems that speak powerfully to … Continue reading

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Chomsky, Noam. Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States. Metropolitan Books. NY, USA. Several editions, subtitles & publishers.

I don’t often review a best seller, but that is what this book by Chomsky has become recently. Although well known to political activists and students of political thought around the world, Chomsky, prolific and active as he is, has … Continue reading

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Churchill, Ward. A LITTLE MATTER OF GENOCIDE: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present 1997. City Lights Books, USA.

Churchill, an enrolled Cherokee, is an activist in the American Indian Movement, a professor and a prolific author of many books and articles on the aboriginal peoples of the Americas. This book is well documented and has exhaustive references and … Continue reading

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Clarke, Tony. Inside the Bottle: An Expose of the Bottled Water Industry. 2005. The Polaris Institute, Ottawa, ON.

Inside The Bottle: An Expose of the Bottled Water Industry tells us that bottled water is relatively new to Canada – it was introduced by the big corporations, like Nestle, from Europe. Then the cola companies, seeing their sales of … Continue reading

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Coates, Ken. EMPIRE NO MORE! …and the Lion and Wolf shall cease. 2004. Spokesman for the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, UK.

This morning on radio, I heard a USA government lawyer proclaim the intention to grant no rights to foreigners in the USA, warning us we may be subject to detention without any contact, food deprivation and various forms of abuse, … Continue reading

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Cockburn, Cynthia. The Space Between Us: Negotiating Gender & National Identities in Conflict. ZED books, London, UK and New York, USA. 1998.

Case Studies of how women in major conflict zones, in Ireland, Israel/Palestine and Yugoslavia have come together to work together peacefully.

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Collen, Lindsey. MUTINY. 2002. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, UK.

This is another gripping story of women from the Mauritian writer of The Rape of Sita. If that book was in lush forest colours, this tense drama, set in a prison as cyclones approach, is stark black and white overshadowed … Continue reading

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Collen, Lindsey. THE RAPE of SITA. 1995. Heinemann Publishers. UK.

It starts with a poem full of questions that resonated in my thoughts as I read this wonderful story and forced me to examine my own behaviour and actions. “What action for you …Will this act Would be moral Make … Continue reading

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This book presents the background information that plainly shows that Israel´s much promoted image as a “benevolent democratic state” no longer has credibility at home or globally. There are many reasons for this including the treatment of the Palestinian minority … Continue reading

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Corry, Stephen. TRIBAL PEOPLES for tomorrow’s world. 2011. Freeman Press Publication. UK.

“First they make us destitute by taking away our land, our hunting and our way of life. Then they say we are nothing because we are destitute.” Jumanda Gakelebone, Botswansa Stephen Corry is the director of the UK based organization, … Continue reading

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