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Farmer, Paul. The Uses of Haiti, 3rd Edition. 2006. Common Courage Press. Maine, USA.

Canada is totally committed to a state of oppression in Haiti where a democratically elected government was overthrown with our support because it would not obey the edicts of international financial oppression. The USA has a long history of ensuring … Continue reading

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Fiennes, William. THE SNOW GEESE: A story of home. 2002. Random House. Canada.

´We tend towards home. Migrant birds don´t travel for the sake of it…In any species, an individual that remains within a familiar environment has more chance of finding food and water, more chance of avoiding predators and exposure, than an … Continue reading

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Fisk, Robert. THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION: The Conquest of the Middle East. 2005. Fourth Estate, UK & Alfred A. Knopf. USA.

“Peggy [his mother] became a flame of optimism in my young life. [during WW2] And when I once asked what was the point of struggling with my homework when we were all going to die, she replied: “By the time … Continue reading

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Flinker, Jean et al. L´affaire Luk Vervaet. 2011. Revue Contradictions. Bruxelles, Belgique.

English review by Theresa Wolfwood. French translation by Andrée Scott follows the English On July 14, 2011, I received a press article from Belgium that states in part, “A Belgian prison teacher has won a two year battle against a … Continue reading

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Flood, Catherine and Gavin Grindon, editors. DISOBEDIENT OBJECTS V&A publishing, 2014. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK ISBN-978=1-85177-797-6

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “Disobedient objects have a history as long as social struggles itself….Objects have played a key role in social change alongside of performance, music and the visual arts.” From the introduction “To disobey in order to take … Continue reading

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Forche, Carolyn. THE COUNTRY BETWEEN US. 1981. Harper & Row. USA.

“Your voices sprayed over the walls/ dry to the touch by morning.” I had not read these fine poems for many years until I was asked recently to read poetry at the memorial for a Salvadorian political leader. One again … Continue reading

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An interesting and original work about “taking control of one’s life”, this is about making conscious choices about the mindless acceptance of the technology which floods our lives. This is mainly a book for people who live in the minority … Continue reading

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Francis, Diana. RETHINKING WAR AND PEACE……..ETC. 2004. Pluto Press. UK and USA.

A Greek philosopher once said “How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you?” That is the problem of thinking and writing about peace and probably why people write about war and … Continue reading

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Frederici, Silvia. CALIBAN AND THE WITCH: Women, the body and primitive accumulation. 2004. Automedia. USA.

This is only a brief review, more of a recommendation to read the book, than an in–depth analysis of a very fine scholarly work. It is a formidable, but highly readable, history and enquiry into the roots of the oppression … Continue reading

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Galeano, Eduardo. OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA: five centuries of the pillage of a continent. 1973, 1997. Monthly Review Press. New York, USA.

“In the years since the first edition of Open Veins, history has not ceased to be a cruel mistress to us…The system has multiplied hunger and fear; wealth has become more and more concentrated, poverty, more and more widespread. That … Continue reading

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Galeano, Eduardo. Walking Words (With woodcuts by Jose Francisco Borges). W.W. Norton & Co. London, UK and New York, USA.

Any book by Galeano is a treat with his vivid imagery and brilliant insights into Latin American history and colonization; the Borges’ illustrations are particularly delightful. Galeano’s most famous book is OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA.

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Ginzburg, Oren. THE HUNGRY MAN. 2005. Geneva Switzerland.

The first of Ginzburg´s satires is wrapped in whimsical drawings and brief statements. In this book he mocks the foreign development ´business´ where white experts travel abroad to help the poor and starving. After the assessment reports, the charts, the … Continue reading

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