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Ginzburg, Oren. There You Go! 2006. Hungry Man Books. UK. Distributed by Survival International, UK.

Cartoon books on serious subjects are great – they are an easy way to introduce issues to kids and adults alike. There You Go! is no exception. Whimsical drawings enhanced by simple text explain with little effort from the reader … Continue reading

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Gobodo-Madikizela, Pumla. A Human Being Died That Night: A South African Woman Confronts The Legacy of Apartheid. 2004. Mariner Books/ Houghton Mifflin, USA.

The legacy of apartheid horror and violence is a heavy burden for many South Africans. Those who still mourn the loss of children, parents, siblings, beloved friends found some relief in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), an important and … Continue reading

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Golinger, Eva. THE CHÁVEZ CODE: Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela. 2006. Olive Branch Press, MA, USA.

“In the case of Venezuela, as this book makes clear, the US government added yet another stain to its national honor. Golinger shows the incontrovertible facts of Washington´s attempt to overthrow the government of Hugo ChÁvez… …Golinger´s prose radiates a … Continue reading

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Gott, Richard. Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution. 2005. Verso Books, UK & USA.

I read this dense and compact biography of one of the most remarkable leaders of the 21st Century after I returned from El Salvador where I learned of the innovative aid that Venezuela extends across Latin America. In El Salvador … Continue reading

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Govier, Katherine. THREE VIEWS OF CRYSTAL WATER. 2006. HarperCollins. Toronto.

´The pearls of the oyster are divine. And they are found in the dimmest, deepest place in the world, under the scabbiest, tightest lid. That is their magic.´ Katherine Govier is one of Canada´s best novelists, but her work is … Continue reading

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Green, John. Ken Sprague: People’s Artist. Hawthorn Press. UK.

Last year the New Internationalist magazine used a famous art image of a big fish and little fishes on its cover. In a later issue the editor apologized for not crediting the artist. So he phoned Ken Sprague and talked … Continue reading

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Griffin, Betty and Susan Lockhart. Their Own History: Women’s Contribution to the Labour Movement of BC. 2002. Published by United Fishermen and Allied Workers’Union & CAW Seniors. New Westminster, BC.

I found this big, photo-packed book at the Cumberland Miners’ Memorial with a little hand written sign saying, that if the buyer wished, one of the authors would sign it! Such modesty from Betty Griffin whose writing career started late … Continue reading

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Grover, Sumeet. House Arrest & Disobedience, 2015, Smallberry Press, London. UK

Review by Theresa Wolfwood The poems in this book are powerful messages about the cruelty and violence, often hidden and denied, in families, communities and countries. Although Grover is rooted in his own Indian culture there is a painful universality … Continue reading

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Guantanamo chez nous ? Editions Antidote Brussels, Belgium. 2014 ISBN : 9782930802008 in French

Review A partir de ce court récit très bien écrit, Luk Vervaet nous amène dans le monde carcéral de la lutte ‘anti-terroriste’ de l’état Belge.  Tout en présentant un bon aperçu, l’auteur mise sur le cas spécifique et très actuel d’un … Continue reading

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Hackett, Robert A. and Yuezhi Zhao, editors. DEMOCRATIZING GLOBAL MEDIA: One World, Many Struggles. Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. UK & USA.

“We Must Be Our Own Media” Rosalie Bertell, 1995 This is a compilation of many papers by a diverse (mainly male) group of academics and writers from around the globe. As such, one expects different view points from a group … Continue reading

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Hak, Gordon. THE LEFT IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: A history of struggle.2013. Ronsdale Press, Vancouver, BC. ISBN978-1-55380-256-3

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “Defining the left with precision is not straightforward. For one thing the left includes diverse values, ideas, strategies and institutions. Social democracy and communism, reformers and revolutionaries, unions and radical women’s groups have all found their … Continue reading

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Hallet, Mary and Marilyn Davis. FIRING THE HEATHER: The Life and Times of Nellie McClung. 1994. Fifth House, Canada.

“The phrase [fire the heather] is a Scottish agricultural term that means getting rid of the old crop, so that new growth may begin.” Catherine Kerrigan, Edinburgh University Someone recently said that ´feminism´ had become invisible and even the word … Continue reading

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