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White, Ben. Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner´s Guide. 2009. Pluto Press, UK.

“[Ariel] Sharon flying over the occupied territories once remarked, “Arabs should see Jewish lights every night from 500 metres.”” Quote at beginning of chapter on settlements. “Like all occupation, Israel´s was founded on brutal force, repression and fear, collaboration and … Continue reading

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Ra´ad, Basem L. Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean. 2010. Pluto Press. UK& USA.

This very readable account of regional history from ancient times to the present gives a clear picture of how western ideas and Zionist culture have ignored and distorted the complex real history of the people of Palestine. Ra´ad also brings … Continue reading

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Qumsiyeh, Mazin B. Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment. 2010. Pluto Press. UK & USA.

“…the reality is that popular resistance in Palestine developed indigenously, organically, naturally and beautifully. And it has accelerated in the past two decades.” Qumsiyeh is a committed activist and academic in Palestine; this is his third book. I know of … Continue reading

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Mehta, Vijay. The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World. 2012. Pluto Press, UK.

“…the military–industrial model can be replaced by adopting equitable policies for Disarmament, Demilitarization and working for sustainable development thus ending the cycle of violence and poverty.” Mehta exposes the spiralling cycle of militarism that underlies the economic crisis that rocked … Continue reading

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Litvinoff, Miles and John Madeley. 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade. 2007. Pluto Press. UK.

“The mainstream trading system is failing the poor. Fair Trade offers partnership in place of exploitation.” Beyond the general response when people ask why one should support fair trade – something that I usually sum up as a better life … Continue reading

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Kovel, Joel. OVERCOMING ZIONISM: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine. 2007. Published by Between the Lines. Toronto ON & Pluto Press, USA & UK.

´This book is absolutely fundamental for those who reject the unfortunate confusion between Jews, Judaism, Zionism and the State of Israel –– a confusion which is the basis for systematic manipulation by the imperialist power system. It convincingly argues in … Continue reading

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Hamilton, Clive. Growth Fetish. 2004. Pluto Press UK and USA.

There is much to like about this book – from the quirky title to the cover quote by Noam Chomsky, “Right on target and badly needed”, to the opening quote, “All great truths begin as blasphemies”, by George Bernard Shaw … Continue reading

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Halper, Jeff. An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel. 2008. Pluto Press, UK.

“As I did when I was involved in the civil rights and anti—war movements in the USA in the 1960s, I today stand with the oppressed, the Palestinians…a struggle for freedom, justice and human rights that is truly global.” When … Continue reading

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Francis, Diana. RETHINKING WAR AND PEACE……..ETC. 2004. Pluto Press. UK and USA.

A Greek philosopher once said “How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you?” That is the problem of thinking and writing about peace and probably why people write about war and … Continue reading

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This book presents the background information that plainly shows that Israel´s much promoted image as a “benevolent democratic state” no longer has credibility at home or globally. There are many reasons for this including the treatment of the Palestinian minority … Continue reading

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Baroud, Ramzy. My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story. 2010. Pluto Press, London, UK.

Ramzy Baroud is the founder and editor of www.palestinechronicle.com an online news service and he has written several books about Palestine. This new book is the story of just one man, not famous or particularly special — only special in … Continue reading

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Baroud, Ramzy. THE SECOND PALESTINIAN INTIFADA: a Chronicle of a People´s Struggle. 2006. Pluto Press, London, UK.

This book fulfills its title´s promise; it is an informative, engrossing, readable and moving history; a chronicle in the best sense of a period and place for which we have had little news or analysis that is not filtered by … Continue reading

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