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Satrapi, Marjane. The Complete Persepolis. Pantheon & Random House, Toronto..

This book is part of a new trend to create books that are in comic book form to express cultural and political ideas. See other reviews on www.bbcf.ca including Addicted to war: why the U.S. can´t kick militarism and There You Go! This is a … Continue reading

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Rubin, Jeff. WHY YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT SMALLER: Oil and the end of globalization. Random House Canada. 2009.

“There is little we can do to prevent oil prices from recovering to ever new highs in the future…We have to change the basic equation that ties our oil consumption to our economy.” A Toronto economist for CIBC, Rubin is … Continue reading

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Off, Carol. CHOCOLAT AMER: le côtê sinistre de la friandise la plus délicieuse du monde. 2006. Random House, Canada.

Revue littéraire de T. Wolfwood.  En francais de Andreé Scott “Ceux qui se délectent à ces gaufrettes de chaude béatitude Connaissent un moment d´oubli ravissant Mais ce plaisir cache son pass´.” … extrait d´un poème de T. Wolfwood Carol Off, journaliste … Continue reading

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Off, Carol. BITTER CHOCOLATE: Investigating the dark side of the world’s most seductive sweet. 2006. Random House. Canada.

“…wafers of warm bliss give moments of ecstatic oblivion to all who taste but this pleasure has no history …”from a poem by T. Wolfwood Carol Off, a Canadian journalist, sets off into the jungle of West Africa in search … Continue reading

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Keefe, Patrick Radden. CHATTER: Uncovering the Echelon Surveillance Network and the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping. Random House.

With all the publicity surrounding Wiki leaks´ technology, management and the revelation of many governments´ secret documents, we should not forget that our private communications are regularly hacked and monitored by a sophisticated system of spying posts and satellites by … Continue reading

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Fiennes, William. THE SNOW GEESE: A story of home. 2002. Random House. Canada.

´We tend towards home. Migrant birds don´t travel for the sake of it…In any species, an individual that remains within a familiar environment has more chance of finding food and water, more chance of avoiding predators and exposure, than an … Continue reading

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