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Reist, Melinda Tankard. Defiant Birth, Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics Spinifex Press: Australia, 2006.

Books about Others: review by Beth Burrows. Beth Burrows is the president/director of the Edmonds Institute, a public interest, non-profit group headquartered in the Pacific Northwest of the USA” See: www.edmonds-institute.org . Reprinted with permission. Surprisingly little has changed in “fitness” … Continue reading

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Hawthorne, Susan. Wild Politics. Spinifex Press. North Melbourne, Australia.

In her opening statement Hawthorne lays out our problem and our solution: Disconnection is critical for a system based on profit. By contrast, biodiversity relies on connection and relationship. If DISPOSABLE PEOPLE is depressing, WILD POLITICS provides an inspiring antidote … Continue reading

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Hawthorne, Susan. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. 2005. Spinifex Press. Melbourne, Australia.

From the physical sciences comes the theory that all life is interconnected, that even the gentle movement of a butterfly’s wing can connect to vast and distant changes and consequences. The pages of this book are like those frail wings; … Continue reading

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