Guantanamo chez nous ? Editions Antidote Brussels, Belgium. 2014 ISBN : 9782930802008 in French

Review A partir de ce court récit très bien écrit, Luk Vervaet nous amène dans le monde carcéral de la lutte ‘anti-terroriste’ de l’état Belge.  Tout en présentant un bon aperçu, l’auteur mise sur le cas spécifique et très actuel d’un monsieur Nizar Trabelsi.  Son présume délit fut d’avoir participé à la planification d’un attentat à la base militaire Kleine Brogel; l’attentat n’a jamais été réalisé. Sans procès, et suite à des accusations restées secrètes, ce tunisien fut incarcéré en Belgique Read more [...]

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HANDBOOK for NONVIOLENT CAMPAIGNS. 2014. War Resisters’ International London, UK. ISBN 978-0-903517-28-7

Dey, Andrew, coordinator.  HANDBOOK for NONVIOLENT CAMPAIGNS. 2014. War Resisters’ International London, UK. ISBN 978-0-903517-28-7 “…our working definition of nonviolence is based on a desire to end violence…without committing further violence. This handbook was written by people from around the world …” from the introduction This is a collaborative work with many authors and contributors in itself a remarkable feat, so many stories, images and guidelines, but they all keep the focus on the importance of nonviolence. Accounts Read more [...]

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Banksy. WALL AND PIECE. 2006. Century. London UK ISBN 1844137872

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “Copyright is for losers ™” from first page of this book From the first page, Banksy who refuses to be identified, forcing us to react to his work, not him, is handing us up a mirror to the absurdity and evil of our society. He forces us to look at every aspect of our lives and to re-think unthinking acceptance. Banksy is a British male who started his vocation as a ‘graffiti’ artist in Bristol. He believes that, “A wall has always been the best place to publish your art” and he urges us to re-claim Read more [...]

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Wolfwood, Theresa J. LOVE AND RESISTANCE 2014.  Smallberry Press, London. UK ISBN: 978-0993031502

4 reviews 1. Review by Alan Twiggs Theresa J. Wolfwood of Hornby Island and Victoria is the director of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, a non-profit society founded in 1996 to encourage programs that promote social justice, peace, sustainability, diversity and community through research, writing, film and art. When she is not organizing events or programs to generate global awareness, Theresa Wolfwood writes poetry that frequently expresses her humanitarian concerns, often generated by her travels. A baker in El Salvador confronts Read more [...]

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Flood, Catherine and Gavin Grindon, editors. DISOBEDIENT OBJECTS V&A publishing, 2014. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK ISBN-978=1-85177-797-6

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “Disobedient objects have a history as long as social struggles itself….Objects have played a key role in social change alongside of performance, music and the visual arts.” From the introduction “To disobey in order to take action is the byword of creative spirit.” Gaston Bachelard, quoted in this book This well-illustrated book is more than a catalogue accompanying an exhibition; it is a thoughtful and informative description of how ordinary objects -from plastic drink bottles to scraps of fabric to even Read more [...]

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Wayman, Tom. A COUNTRY NOT CONSIDERED: Canada, Culture, Work. 1993. House of Anansi Press. Toronto, ON.

“…Economy is the bone, politics is the flesh, watch who they beat and who they eat, watch who they relieve themselves on, watch who                         they own. The rest is decoration.”  from In the Men’s Room(s) by Marge Piercy   I wish I had found this book 10 years ago, bought it and re-read it regularly as I tried and still do to make the connections between creativity and political activism.  Wayman is a Canadian poet, teacher and activist who lives and works in the interior ofBritish Read more [...]

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Maximillian Forte. SLOUCHING TOWARDS SIRTE: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa. 2012. Baraka Books. Montreal, Canada

Review by Theresa Wolfwood   “NATO’s war in Libya was advertised as a humanitarian intervention- bombing in the name of ‘saving lives’.”   As Canada goes to war again in Western Asia, it is important to remember our humanitarian (read: military) intervention into Libya a few years ago. Forte’s book is valuable history of our unflagging enthusiasm for killing people somewhere else at the slightest nod from our occupiers, the USA; but it is important reading now as rumors spread that we may go to war in Libya (again) Read more [...]

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Marjorie Agosín, editor. Stitching Resistance: Women, Creativity, and Fiber Arts 2014. Solis Press. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England ISBN 978-1-907947-90-2

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “…female fiber art has often been crafted to explore social issues and inspire change for the benefit of their communities and the world.” Resistance to violence and injustice is a powerful force in all societies; when that resistance takes the form of art it becomes an even more powerful force to communicate with and to inspire effective resistance. For women in many societies the creative resistance has taken the form of textile art, familiar, almost exclusively female, domestic skills used to express personal Read more [...]

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Abunimah, Ali. THE BATTLE FOR JUSTICE IN PALESTINE. 2014. Haymarket Book, Chicago, USA. ISBN 978-1-60846-324-4

  Review & photos by Theresa Wolfwood                    “The victory against Israeli apartheid, colonialism, and racism that I am convinced Palestinians and their allies have in their power to make will not be theirs alone. It will belong to everyone who believes in, and fights for, equality and justice.” Abunimah is the director & creator of:  and author of ONE COUNTRY: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse,  review: Read more [...]

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Hak, Gordon. THE LEFT IN BRITISH COLUMBIA: A history of struggle.2013. Ronsdale Press, Vancouver, BC. ISBN978-1-55380-256-3

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “Defining the left with precision is not straightforward. For one thing the left includes diverse values, ideas, strategies and institutions. Social democracy and communism, reformers and revolutionaries, unions and radical women’s groups have all found their home on the left.” Hak has given us a readable well-documented view of these many forces in BC over the last 100 year or so...and no end in sight. Not for nothing are we called the left coast these days even though as he says, here as elsewhere in the Read more [...]

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Osorio, Jesus Tecu. Memoir of the Rio Negro Massacres. 2012. Translated from the Spanish & published with assistance of Rights Action & Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network. ISBN 978-9929-634-008

Review by Theresa Wolfwood Images from the book   “May my parents’ tragic story live on in the memories of my children”    “The objective... is to share the bloody history that we have lived and to make this story available in all of the education centres so that our children and grandchildren may know it and never forget it.” The only country in North America that is populated with a majority of indigenous peoples, resource-rich Guatemala has a long and brutal history that continues today. This straightforward narrative Read more [...]

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Badami, Anita Rau. Tamarind Mem. Penguin Books, Canada ISBN: 0-14-0257414-4

Review by  Sumeet Grover                            Tamarind Mem, a Canadian bestseller novel,  is an infectious and unforgettable story of an extensively engaged childhood, family, identity, culture and its inherent oppression of women, narrated through genius storytelling. Deep inside the heart of this story is an exceptionally precise narration of Indian culture in a way that is shameless yet proud and at times humorous, just like the story's characters. Recently moved to Calgary, where thick snow brings all noise Read more [...]

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