Theresa Wolfwood, Director of The Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation.

Theresa Wolfwood

Theresa Wolfwood is a local and international activist; she lives in Victoria, BC, Canada where she is the director of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation BBCF, a non-profit society registered in British Colombia in 1996. BBCF is dedicated to create, to develop, and to encourage programs that promote social justice, peace, sustainability, diversity and community, through research, writing, film and art; and to organize public events that will contribute, globally and locally, to knowledge and awareness.

She is an active member of local and international peace and social justice organizations. BBCF works in solidarity with groups in Kenya, Uganda, Colombia, Western Sahara, El Salvador, Mexico, Pakistan, Jordan and Palestine.

She has spoken at meetings, rallies, workshops and conferences in Canada and abroad, including World Social Forums in Brazil, India, Kenya and Turkey.

On her second solidarity journey to Palestine in 2010, she participated in the Bil’in conference on non-violent resistance in Palestine and was tear-gassed and threatened at peaceful demonstrations against the destruction of Palestinian homes and lands by Israel. She spoke about the life and resistance of the people of Palestine in Berlin, Germany, Reading, UK, Brussels, Belgium, Diyarbakir, Turkey and many locales in Canada.

Theresa has a passion for print; her articles, reports, poetry and book reviews have been published in English and translation in journals and anthologies, including: Challenging Empires: World Social Forum, Eds. Jai Sen et al. 2004. Viveka Foundation, New Delhi, India (also published in German and Spanish); Feminist Perspectives: September 11, 2001. Eds. Susan Hawthorne & Bronwyn Winter. 2002. Spinifex Press, Australia. Reprinted as AFTER SHOCK: September 11, 2001/ Global Feminist Perspectives. 2003. Raincoast Books, Vancouver, BC; There is an Alternative: Subsistence and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization. Eds. Veronika Bennholdt–Thomson, Nicholas Faraclas and Claudia Von Werlhof. Zed Books Ltd. London, UK. 2001 which includes SEATTLE: A Convergence of Globalization & Militarization, based on her experience at the WTO resistance in Seattle, 1999.

In May, 2011, Humanist Perspectives, published in Ottawa, featured Theresa’s poetry. Poems by Theresa have been published in Canada and Europe and in the anthologies, Gadrian II and Living Rights. She recorded poetry on an “Artists for Peace” CD, produced in Denmark for which she also designed the cover illustration, a collage of her banners. Her poem, Saturday Afternoon in March, was translated into Danish and published in Denmark in Arbejderen, March, 2008. Believe in an Ongoing Universe, her latest poetry collection was published in 2009.

Theresa’s banners have been exhibited in Canada, Finland, Germany, Austria, Brazil and India. Many of Theresa’s photographs accompany her printed articles; some are used on magazine covers and form the basis of slide and video productions. Many are distributed throughout www.bbcf.ca and illustrate topics of concern to BBCF; her photos also have been exhibited in several countries.

She is guided by the inspiration of friends, scholars and activists including Rosalie Bertell, Marilyn Waring, Razan Zuayter and many others to whom she feels a deep connection. She believes she is part of a rich global community of people who are committed to making a better world for all.

For more detailed information about the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation and Theresa Wolfwood see: http://www.bbcf.ca/_articles/cv_2010.html and http://www.bbcf.ca/actions_and_projects.php