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Ashour, Radwa. Granada. # 1 of a trilogy 2003. Syracuse University Press, USA

There is a rich body of literature in Arabic; English readers are deprived of much of it by our disinterest and our historic political antagonism both to Arabic culture and our debt to it. We rarely have access to modern … Continue reading

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Ashour, Radwa. Siraaj: An Arab Tale 2007. Austin, University of Texas, USA.

This is a slim volume and a seemingly simple story of a baker working for a despotic sultan on an island off East Africa at end of the 1800s. Amina´s husband was lost at sea so she waits anxiously for … Continue reading

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Barndt, Deborah, editor. Wild Fire: Art as Activism 2006. Sumach Press, Toronto, Canada.

The title of this anthology of mainly young activist women from an academic discipline intrigued me right away. I often think of art & activism, sometimes connected, sometimes separate. But Art as Activism implies a relationship of deeper integration. The … Continue reading

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Baroud, Ramzy. My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza’s Untold Story. 2010. Pluto Press, London, UK.

Ramzy Baroud is the founder and editor of an online news service and he has written several books about Palestine. This new book is the story of just one man, not famous or particularly special — only special in … Continue reading

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Bello, Walden. Deglobalization: Ideas for a New Economy 2002. Zed Books Ltd. London, UK and New York, USA. Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, N.S. Canada.

Victorians had the rare chance to hear Walden Bello discuss his thoughtful and constructive theories about globalization and the new global democracy movement at the Small World Social Forum in November. The New Internationalist magazine says,” Clear analysis and impressive … Continue reading

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Browdy De Hernandez, Jennifer. WOMEN WRITING RESISTANCE: Essays on Latin American and the Caribbean. 2003. South End Press, USA.

“Justice forgets about the dead women of Juarez” On that mountain near El Mozote in El Salvador Where they took them away Young girls as petite as their rag dolls.” from Death in the Desert: The Women of Cuidad Juarez … Continue reading

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Chambers, Carole. Still Life Under The Occupation. & Echolocation. 2002. Thistledown Press. Saskatoon, SK 1988. Quadrant Editions. Toronto, ON & 2002. Thistledown Press, Saskatoon, SK.

“…any every tide teaches the lesson/impressions of water on sand/and then erases it/ to make this garden/you must stay here.” from Garden in sand. P 19 – Still Life under the Occupation. The best of poetry is rooted in place … Continue reading

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Maximillian Forte. SLOUCHING TOWARDS SIRTE: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa. 2012. Baraka Books. Montreal, Canada

Review by Theresa Wolfwood   “NATO’s war in Libya was advertised as a humanitarian intervention- bombing in the name of ‘saving lives’.”   As Canada goes to war again in Western Asia, it is important to remember our humanitarian (read: … Continue reading

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A Woman Among Warlords: the Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.

Review by Theresa Wolfwood This is the very personal and very political story of the woman who is called the “bravest woman in Afghanistan.” When her family returned to Pakistan from a refugee camp, she was a clandestine teacher, teaching … Continue reading

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Abu-Zahra, Nadia & Adah Kay. UNFREE IN PALESTINE: Registration, Documentation and Movement Restriction. 2013, Pluto Press. UK. ISBN 978 0 7453 2527 9

Review by Theresa Wolfwood “In this book we focus on denationalization rather than displacement or dispossession…we draw attention to the 1.4 million denationalized Palestinians… The focus on denationalization, rather than solely dispossession, implicitly recognizes the nationality and citizenship of Palestinians … Continue reading

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Abunimah, Ali. ONE COUNTRY: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. 2006. Metropolitan Books. USA (revised edition to be published in 2010)

This proposal, by the founder of the Electronic Intifada, Electronic Iraq and Electronic Lebanon websites, is one of the most hopeful I have read. It deserves serious consideration by anyone concerned about this global hotspot – and about justice for … Continue reading

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Abunimah, Ali. THE BATTLE FOR JUSTICE IN PALESTINE. 2014. Haymarket Book, Chicago, USA. ISBN 978-1-60846-324-4

  Review & photos by Theresa Wolfwood                    “The victory against Israeli apartheid, colonialism, and racism that I am convinced Palestinians and their allies have in their power to make will not be theirs alone. It will belong to everyone who … Continue reading

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