Pierce, Rhoda Kaplan & Carolyn Pogue. FADE TO BLACK. Kehillah Press, 25 Maguire Rd. Wayland, MA, 01778, USA.

This play script is the result of 2 writers in two countries collaborating to produce a drama about the international movement to which they both belong. A group of Women in Black (set in the USA) are arrested for holding a silent vigil to witness for peace and non-violence. They are sent to a mental hospital where they are considered crazy for being publicly unpatriotic.

The play explains the context and effect of laws that try to repress peaceful dissent and to instil fear in those who work for peace. It also shows the diversity of reasons why people choose to act and stand in public for their beliefs. The women are believable and credible; the development of all the characters is also credible. The resulting action is engrossing, the play moves quickly and holds our attention as we wonder what will be the result of trying to break the spirits of this group of “ordinary” women.

In the play some workers are obsessed with professional advantage but some search their souls, at least one knows the women are not crazy. They do escape and they do continue to be: A global network for women who stand in/ solidarity whenever and wherever/ violence disrupts the human community.

This would be an excellent play for students, professionals and activists to perform and to present to others the opportunity to examine dominant ideas and their power, to also see our power to resist and to create new ways of thinking and acting.

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