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Drache, Daniel. Borders Matter: Homeland Security and the Search for North America. 2004. Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, NS.

Our border with the USA is both the symbol and the geographic reality of our nearness and our similarities to – and our differences from – the culture of that large and looming giant that 80% of us live within … Continue reading

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Dressel, Holly. WHO KILLED THE QUEEN? The Story of a Community Hospital and How to Fix Public Health Care. 2008. McGill—Queen’s University Press. Montreal & Kingston. Canada

“These facts lead to only one conclusion: public health, with its integral conception of ultimate social equality is the key to health in general.” This book might also have been subtitled: Who really runs Canada? Dressel, a respected historian, was … Continue reading

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Ebadi, Shirin with Azadeh Moaveni. IRAN AWAKENING. 2006. Alfred A. Knopf. Canada

“The price of transforming Iran peacefully, I have long known but these days feel more acutely, is sacrifice of the highest order.” As the USA rattles its bombs and boycotts at Iran, I found 2 books that helped me understand … Continue reading

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Edwards, David. Free to be Human: Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of illusions. Resurgence Books, Totnes, Devon, UK. 2000.

This UK environmental writer draws on Chomsky, Fromm and other writers to explain how we can free ourselves from the destructive and unthinking acceptance of corporate capitalism and all its trappings.

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Eichler, Maya. Militarizing Men: Gender, Conscription and War in Post–Soviet Russia. 2012. Stanford University Press, USA.

“Men are not naturally militaristic, they become militarized…If men are not willing to serve and their mothers or female partners do not want them to join the military, the state is less able to wage war or legitimate its rule … Continue reading

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Elmessiri, A.M., editor. The Palestinian Wedding: A Bilingual Anthology of Contemporary Palestinian Resistance Poetry. 2011. Lynne Rienner Publishers Inc. Colorado, USA & London, UK.

“The seed sprouts even within the heart of the dead./ Morning busts forth from darkness.” Fadwa Tuqan Mourid Barghouti, Palestinian poet in exile, has said, “literature is also resistance” The current poetry of resistance is important as part of a … Continue reading

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Engels, Mary-Louise. Rosalie Bertell: Scientist, Eco-Feminist, Visionary. 2005. Women’s Press, Women Who Rock series, Toronto, CANADA.

Rosalie Bertell has been a hero of mine for many years so I was pleased to learn that a much needed biography of her was in the making. I was even more pleased to be asked to contribute some thoughts … Continue reading

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ENGLER, YVES. A Propaganda System: How Canada’s government, corporations, media and academia Sell war and exploitation.2016. Red Publishing and Fernwood Publishing. Canada

Review by Theresa Wolfwood   ‘ “why do nine in ten Canadians think this country is a forc for good in the world even though our governments have long advanced corporate interests and sided with the British and US empires?” … Continue reading

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Engler, Yves. Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid. 2010. RED Publishing, B.C. and Fernwood Publishing, N.S. Canada.

“Thousands of books describe various aspects of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Only a handful detail Canada´s ties to the dispute and most do from a pro–Israel perspective. This is the first book to focus on Canadian support for the dispossession of … Continue reading

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Engler, Yves. CANADA in AFRICA: 300 years of ad and exploitation. 2015. RED publishing/ Fernwood Publishing Canada. ISBN 978-1-55266762-0

Review and author photo by Theresa Wolfwood “Canadian policy provides a unique window into Western exploitation of Africa and this book can hopefully contribute to overcoming widespread ignorance of African affairs.” Engler has done it again; written another carefully documented, … Continue reading

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Engler, Yves. Lester Pearson’s Peacekeeping – The Truth May Hurt. 2012. RED Publishing/ Fernwood Publishing. CANADA.

My earliest memory of Canada´s famous, so–called peace maker is when he made Canada a nuclear nation. I remember that after his well–funded campaign defeated Diefenbaker, Bowmarc nuclear missiles entered Canada on the back on a truck on New Year´s … Continue reading

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Engler, Yves. The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy. 2009. Fernwood Publishing & RED Publishing. Canada.

“I believe Earth is our home and we are its stewards. While citizens of Canada, we are also neighbours to everyone who shares this planet. We must be good neighbours. That should be the underlying premise of Canada´s foreign policy. … Continue reading

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