Barlow, Maude and Tony Clarke. BLUE GOLD: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water 2002. The New Press. USA

“Although world water supplies are dwindling and transnational corporations are working hard to reap substantial profits from that scarce resource, it is not too late to turn the situation around”
This quote sums up the authors’ overview of the diminishing global supply of a resource most of us take for granted. But as new frontiers for capitalist expansion shrink and disappear, politically and geographically, the corporate world has turned in recent decades to the privatization of the commons and making commodities out of lifeÂ’s necessities. Water is being consumed at double the rate of our population increase – mainly for industrial use. So people, and particularly people in the Majority World, are loosing this vital life force. Children go to dead thirsty; they die of dehydration or of water-borne disease because the water they do get is contaminated.We seem to be working on many fronts in recent times – militarism, radioactivity, food, seeds, human rights, homelessness and the increase in wealth of a few as more and more become poorer. Social movements are growing too, and we have had many successes in the struggle to keep our commons – from Bolivia to Kamloops – people have prevented the privatization and sale of water resources. The authors state that the inequality of access to water can only be rectified by the elimination of economic and political inequality. When we work for one we work for the other. This is an issue that concerns all living creature and we need to be responsible stewards for those who can not speak for themselves, while we create justice for all.

Along with the serious background information in Blue Gold, the authors also give many actions and strategy along with success stories. An excellent overview and call for action. Have a drink of water, now, but from the tap, not a plastic Dasani or Aquafina bottle.

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