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Yeomans, Matthew. Oil: Anatomy of an Industry. 2004. The New Press. New York, USA & london, UK.

Don’t be deceived by the light and breezy style of this USA journalist – this is a serious and useful work. Single substance topics have become very popular with writers; everything from salt to saffron gets a book of its … Continue reading

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Shah, Sonia. The Body Hunters : Testing New Drugs On The World´s Poorest Patients. 2006. New Press. New York, USA.

The author of CRUDE has written another excellent, well–researched book – this time about the unscrupulous behaviour of the mega–sized drug corporations of the world. John le Carre says in his introduction: “….Imagine the uproar if dozens of drug-trial patients … Continue reading

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Linn, Susan. Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood. 2004. The New Press, New York, USA and London, UK.

If I had small children, I would want to take them and run for the bush and homestead in the wilderness after reading this terrifying tale of the destruction of our first humanity – childhood. Billions of dollars are being … Continue reading

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Barlow, Maude and Tony Clarke. BLUE GOLD: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water 2002. The New Press. USA

“Although world water supplies are dwindling and transnational corporations are working hard to reap substantial profits from that scarce resource, it is not too late to turn the situation around” This quote sums up the authors’ overview of the diminishing … Continue reading

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