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Septer, Dirk. Lost Nuke: The Last Flight of Bomber 075. 2012. Heritage House Publishing Company Ltd. Canada.

This is an investigative narrative of the events that followed the crash in 1950 of a USA Air Force B-36 intercontinental bomber whose wreckage was found in the rugged mountains of northern British Columbia accidently, four years later. What is … Continue reading

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Sen, Jai, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar & Peter Waterman eds. Challenging Empires: World Social Forum. 2004. Viveka Foundation, New Delhi, India.

The Viveka Foundation, a centre for alternative perspectives launched this exhaustive study of the World Social Forum process at the WSF in Mumbai, 2004. There are essays and statements from individuals and groups around the world who have been involved … Continue reading

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Seabrook, Jeremy. Consuming Cultures: Globalization and Local Lives. Jeremy Seabrook. 2004. New International Publications. UK.

“Globalization threatens to extinguish much that is essential to human survival”. There is a thriving industry in books about globalization; I have read many and have learned much from good authors and activists. But if I was looking for just … Continue reading

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Scanlan, Lawrence. A YEAR of LIVING GENEROUSLY: Dispatches from Front Lines of Philanthropy. 2010. Douglas & McIntyre. Vancouver, BC.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Quoted from Mahatma Gandhi in introduction to this book. Every book I read something informs or interests me. This book by Scanlan has done far more; … Continue reading

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Satrapi, Marjane. The Complete Persepolis. Pantheon & Random House, Toronto..

This book is part of a new trend to create books that are in comic book form to express cultural and political ideas. See other reviews on including Addicted to war: why the U.S. can´t kick militarism and There You Go! This is a … Continue reading

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San Martin, Pablo. WESTERN SAHARA: the Refugee Nation. 2010. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, Wales.

“…If you ever arrive at a wide white land coupled with immense black statues and the passive pace of camels and Bedouins, remember that there exists a land without master and owner, mirror and soul of all innocent beings.” by Ali … Continue reading

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Sakar, Saral. Eco-Socialism or Eco-Capitalism. ZED BOOKS. London, UK and New York, USA. 1999.

Indian writer, now living in Germany, presents cogent reasons why growth-based capitalism will ultimately destroy the environment and how ecology-based socialism is the solution.

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Sacco, Joe. Palestine 7th printing, 2005. Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA. USA.

This is another one of these rare formats; a political comic book and like “Addicted to War” it is comic only in form. It is a serious, original, accessible rendering of the complexity of the reality that is Palestine. Introduced … Continue reading

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Sacco, Joe. Footnotes in Gaza. 2009. Metropolitan Books. Henry Holt and Company. New York, USA.

“As someone in Gaza told me, “events are continuous ”. Palestinians never seem to have the luxury of digesting one tragedy before the next one is upon them…younger people often viewed my research into the events of 1956 with bemusement…the … Continue reading

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Rubin, Jeff. WHY YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT SMALLER: Oil and the end of globalization. Random House Canada. 2009.

“There is little we can do to prevent oil prices from recovering to ever new highs in the future…We have to change the basic equation that ties our oil consumption to our economy.” A Toronto economist for CIBC, Rubin is … Continue reading

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Rozak, Theodore. The Gendered Atom: Reflections on the Sexual Psychology of Science. Green Books, Totnes, Devon, UK. 2000.

Very original discussion of nuclear physics, scientific research linked to a personal journey to Switzerland following the trail of early sci-fi writer, Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

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Roy, Arundhati. The Cost of Living. Modern Library Paperback Editions. New York, USA. 1999.

The brilliant novelist, author of The God of Small Things, turns her talent and commitment to local and global politics. In the Cost of Living she exposes dam-building and nuclear weapons as expression of political domination and betrayal of people … Continue reading

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