Brutus, Dennis. Poetry & Protest: A Dennis Brutus Reader. Edited by Lee Sustar & Aisha Karim. 2006. Haymarket Books. USA

“The perfume of freedom has burned my mind…” When I finished reading this history of a remarkable and committed activist and the anthology of his sixty years of poetry, prose, and speeches, I regretted my own failure to talk with him four years ago. In a grassy field by the river in Porto Alegre, we were participating in the opening of the World Social Forum; I was carrying two of my handmade banners that many people wanted to photograph. A wispy gray haired man approached with a camera and asked me about the banners and chatted for a few Read more [...]

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Diebel, Linda. Betrayed: The Assassination of Digna Ochoa. 2005. HarperCollins. Canada.

“In Mexico, to defend human rights is to risk your life.” Digna Ochoa This is not a pretty book nor is it a quick read. It is a detailed account of the life and commitment of a young Mexican human rights lawyer who was murdered in her office in Mexico City in 2001 and of the ensuing investigation and cover up of her assassination. She defended human rights knowing the risk, she was kidnapped, beaten and raped, and finally at the age of 36, she died for her beliefs and her work. Ochoa was internationally known for her courage and dedication Read more [...]

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