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Theresa Wolfwood is the co-founder and director of the Barnard-Boecker Center Foundation.

Sacco, Joe. Palestine 7th printing, 2005. Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA. USA.

This is another one of these rare formats; a political comic book and like “Addicted to War” it is comic only in form. It is a serious, original, accessible rendering of the complexity of the reality that is Palestine. Introduced … Continue reading

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Sacco, Joe. Footnotes in Gaza. 2009. Metropolitan Books. Henry Holt and Company. New York, USA.

“As someone in Gaza told me, “events are continuous ”. Palestinians never seem to have the luxury of digesting one tragedy before the next one is upon them…younger people often viewed my research into the events of 1956 with bemusement…the … Continue reading

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Rubin, Jeff. WHY YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET A WHOLE LOT SMALLER: Oil and the end of globalization. Random House Canada. 2009.

“There is little we can do to prevent oil prices from recovering to ever new highs in the future…We have to change the basic equation that ties our oil consumption to our economy.” A Toronto economist for CIBC, Rubin is … Continue reading

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Rozak, Theodore. The Gendered Atom: Reflections on the Sexual Psychology of Science. Green Books, Totnes, Devon, UK. 2000.

Very original discussion of nuclear physics, scientific research linked to a personal journey to Switzerland following the trail of early sci-fi writer, Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

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Roy, Arundhati. The Cost of Living. Modern Library Paperback Editions. New York, USA. 1999.

The brilliant novelist, author of The God of Small Things, turns her talent and commitment to local and global politics. In the Cost of Living she exposes dam-building and nuclear weapons as expression of political domination and betrayal of people … Continue reading

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Roy, Arundhati. An Ordinary Person´s Guide to Empire. 2004. South End Press, USA.

This collection of essays and speeches by India’s award winning writer ranges across the world on many important issues from globalization to AIDS. My thoughts on these issues are similar to hers, but I lack her power of language, her … Continue reading

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Ross, John. The War Against Oblivion: The Zapatista Chronicles. Common Courage Press, Maine, USA. 2000.

The gripping endless story of one of the most amazing social movements of our time. The Mayan peasants of Chiapas in Mexico struggle to retain their traditional life by using modern technology and sophisticated planning and communication.

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Reed, Grace E et al. NEEDS. 2010. Negotiating Shadows Publishing. Portland, Ore. USA.

“We are losing youth at an alarming rate to drugs. We need a new way of dealing with this loss”. Subtitled The Journey of How Interpersonal Conflict Produced Chances for Better Choices; Poetry and Short Stories by the author & The … Continue reading

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Ransom, David. The No-Nonsense Guide to FAIR TRADE. New Internationalist Publication, UK Between the Lines, Canada.

“He points out that no—one is just a consumer or a producer — we are all both at the same time. He argues that the time has now come to put body and soul, justice and the environment together. There´s … Continue reading

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Ra´ad, Basem L. Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean. 2010. Pluto Press. UK& USA.

This very readable account of regional history from ancient times to the present gives a clear picture of how western ideas and Zionist culture have ignored and distorted the complex real history of the people of Palestine. Ra´ad also brings … Continue reading

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Qumsiyeh, Mazin B. Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment. 2010. Pluto Press. UK & USA.

“…the reality is that popular resistance in Palestine developed indigenously, organically, naturally and beautifully. And it has accelerated in the past two decades.” Qumsiyeh is a committed activist and academic in Palestine; this is his third book. I know of … Continue reading

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Pogue, Carolyn. SEASONS OF PEACE from The Living Peace Series. 2007. Building Connections Publishing Inc. Courtenay, BC, Canada.

“For peace and non-violence to prevail, we need to foster a Culture of Peace through Education.” from the introduction. Carolyn Pogue is a multitalented peace activist — poet, writer, visual artist and organizer (of Calgary women in Black, among other … Continue reading

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